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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.

You empower women like Mia to choose life

18-year-old Mia* had great plans to pursue her college dreams­, so her stomach sank when she discovered she was pregnant.

For weeks she fought an inner battle: do I go to college or have the baby? When she finally mustered the courage to visit Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in Southwest Dallas, she thought abortion was her only option because she was preparing to leave the following week to go to college on a band scholarship. Mia felt she wouldn’t be able to keep the scholarship or meet the physical requirements of training if she were pregnant.

Mia’s mother, who came with her for the first appointment, was also adamant about Mia having an abortion. Mia was conflicted about having a sonogram, because she didn’t want to see or bond with her unborn baby. That ultrasound—that friends like you helped provide—revealed she was already 25 weeks pregnant. As her precious baby appeared on the screen, Mia could see her baby’s tiny body and hear the music of its heartbeat!

Her client advocate, Alyson, compassionately shared with Mia that God loves her, and He always will. She left us that day, still conflicted, but having heard about the extravagant love of a God that cares about her every situation. Like all abortion-minded clients, the nurse encouraged her to come back the next week for another sonogram. We prayed that God would continue to work on her heart and that she wouldn’t rush into an abortion.

Praise God! Mia returned for another sonogram the next week, and Alyson asked how her going-away party had gone over the weekend. Mia replied with a big smile, “I didn’t have the going-away party. I’ve decided to go to school locally, because I’ve decided to PARENT my baby!”

Joining Mia at her second appointment were two of her aunts, both very supportive and so appreciative of the practical love and care you helped shower on their niece. As Mia’s client advocate handed her a Bible as a gift from friends like you, Mia gratefully said: “I’ll have it engraved with my name!”

Just a few months ago, Mia came back to the Southwest Dallas center to attend a parenting class and was able to earn enough rewards to get a new car seat for her baby… for free! A few weeks later, Alyson made a follow-up call to Mia and discovered she’d given birth to a baby girl and named her Genesis. What a meaningful name for the new “beginning” God gave Mia and her precious child!

Thank you for empowering vulnerable young moms like Mia to choose life and supporting them on their journey!

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