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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.


The staff were just so wonderful—very easy to talk to—and they made me feel that everything was going to be all right.

This was my first pregnancy, I have no family here and didn’t know anything about taking care of a baby, but the classes and the books you provided really helped me.

This is an amazing place with caring staff who just care about the people who came in with no judgement.

The help that you gave me with understanding what was going on with my body and just understanding that I was pregnant… it was an overwhelming and exciting moment.

We thank you for all of your support and help you provided. You have helped us in so many ways and you’ve truly been a blessing!

I was so torn when I found out I was pregnant; I was 40 years old. Children were never a part of my plan and I knew I would not be able to provide for this child. I’m grateful to your center, for listening to my fears and giving me guidance.

“Thank you for being so caring, helpful and supportive. You were there for me when no one else was.”

As a first time mother who didn’t have insurance or have anywhere to go to get a sonogram or help, I was scared. I found this place and could not believe the pregnancy test and sonogram were free. They have a very supportive staff and classes to help prepare you mentally for the next months ahead.”

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