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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.

For Men

We have free and confidential coaching sessions available to the father of the baby. Male coaches can meet with men to listen, offer advice, and talk through issues surrounding a pregnancy.

“We need to talk…”

It seemed like a typical day until she said, “We need to talk.” You can tell by the tone of her voice that this is serious. As she sits beside you, you can clearly see her face is full of emotion. She takes a breath and utters the words that make time seem to stand still for a few moments… “We’re pregnant.” She looks to you, curious to hear your thoughts…

Whether this is a planned or unplanned pregnancy, it is perfectly normal for new fathers to experience a wide range of emotions. Important decisions need to be made, and she is certainly looking to you for some leadership. A few things the two of you need relatively quickly are:

  1. A lab grade pregnancy test
  2. An ultrasound to confirm the viability of the pregnancy and find out how far along she is
  3. Sound advice from medical professionals regarding your options.

You do not need to go through this alone; come in today to talk with one of our male coaches who is concerned about you and your future.

If you can relate with any of the statements below, schedule an appointment today to speak with someone.

  • Your partner told you she is or thinks she is pregnant
  • Your partner has chosen to have an abortion with or without involving you in the decision
  • You or your partner is considering abortion, adoption, or parenting and you need some guidance on next steps
  • You are feeling some pressure and would like someone to confide in
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The staff were just so wonderful—very easy to talk to—and they made me feel that everything was going to be all right.


This was my first pregnancy, I have no family here and didn’t know anything about taking care of a baby, but the classes and the books you provided really helped me.


This is an amazing place with caring staff who just care about the people who came in with no judgement.

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