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From Regret to Rescue

A story on the Abortion Reversal Pill.

It’s not often you get to hear from the father of the babies you help save, so today I’m excited to tell you about “Harrison,” a young father we met a year or so ago.

He and his girlfriend visited the center full of regret after she’d had taken the abortion pill the day before.

As Harrison’s girlfriend told our nurse when they arrived, “He really wants to keep it.”

The nurse did a sonogram, got a heartbeat, and measured the baby at 8 weeks gestation. We contacted our on-call doctor, who prescribed the necessary medicine to stop the abortion process.

By God’s grace, the reversal pill worked, and not long ago, Harrison brought his girlfriend and son to the center so the baby could meet the nurse who saved his life. As they sat together that day, Harrison leaned down and whispered to his son, “We are so thankful they saved you.”

Harrison’s thanks also goes to you, as your prayers and support are what enable Prestonwood Pregnancy Center to provide life-saving solutions like the Abortion Reversal Pill.

Thanks to friends like you for helping save more lives.

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