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Free Car Seats Available

It can be costly to gather all the supplies that a baby needs such as cribs, changing tables, car seats, diapers, clothes, and formula. Let Prestonwood Pregnancy Center help you with an opportunity to earn a free car seat, while learning to be a better parent.

For every appointment or life-skills class that you attend at our center, you will earn two “diaper bucks”. Once you have gathered eight diaper bucks, you can exchange them for a car seat voucher. This car seat voucher can be used at our partner retail store, which is located minutes from our center. You can submit the voucher to receive one brand new, FREE car seat!

 Would you like to earn double diaper bucks?

Bring your significant other or a friend to class with you! You can earn double diaper bucks and get that car seat even faster!

Are these used car seats?

The car seats provided are new and have not been used. It is not recommended to buy a used car seat as you do not know if it has been in an accident, if all original parts are included, or if the car seat is past its expiration date for use.

What if I don’t need a car seat? Can the diaper bucks be exchanged for something I need?

Once you have earned four diaper bucks, you can exchange them for a pack of diapers at our partner resale store. When there is a baby at home, one can never have enough diapers!

How can I learn what classes you offer and when you offer them so I can earn diaper bucks?

We have some amazing classes lined up for the next couple of months including Engage Parenting, Single and Parenting, Movement and Motherhood, Breastfeeding 101, and Relationships. To learn more about the classes and to register, visit our website at

We look forward to serving you at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center!

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