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Exercising for Two

Exercising For Two

Always consult a doctor when deciding if you are going to exercise during pregnancy. Oftentimes the intensity of exercise allowed during your pregnancy is dependent on how active you were before you were pregnant.

Ideal physical activity during pregnancy includes stretching, walking, squats, planks, bicep curls, and side leg lifts. All of these moves can be done at a slow pace, with low weights (or no weights) and high repetition.

You’ll want to avoid using heavy weights for exercises during pregnancy in order to prevent any overexertion. Low weights and high repetition will help burn fat and tone muscle. Below is an example of a great prenatal workout:

Warm up (5 minutes):

Stretch the muscles you are going to work

Cardio (20 minutes):  

Walk or jog (depending on the intensity level you are allowed)


Side Leg Lifts- Lay on your side and bend the leg on the ground at a 45-degree angle. Lift your top leg just a little higher than hip height, keeping it straight, and lower it back down. Repeat, completing 10 reps of 3 (30 total leg lifts). Turn to your other side and repeat.

  • Strengthens: Core and inner thighs

Bicep Curls- Sit in a chair or stand and start with your arms by your side. Using the amount of weight comfortable for you, raise both arms all the way up, almost touching your shoulders with the weights, and then return your arms back to your sides.  Repeat for 10 reps of 3 (30 total bicep curls per arm).

  • Strengthens: Biceps, triceps, and shoulders

Squats-  Stand up straight with legs shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly outward. Bend your knees, lower your torso as low as possible without bending your back, and then come back up to standing position.  Repeat for 10 reps of 3 (30 total squats).

  • Strengthens: Legs, back, and glutes

Planks- Get down on your hands and knees, lift your knees and straighten your legs so that your body forms a straight line. If this is too difficult for you, move from your hands to your elbows with your wrists directly under your shoulders. Hold this position for 30 seconds, drop your knees to rest on all fours. When ready go back to plank position, repeat 3 times.

  • Strengthens: Core, arms, and back

Cool down:

Stretch all of the muscles worked. Practice focused inhaling and exhaling. Inhale (counting to 5) and exhale  (counting to 5). Repeat for 2 full minutes.

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