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Counseling Services Open Doors to Healing, Thanks to Your Support

Deciding to keep or terminate a pregnancy is almost never a surface-level decision, as many of our women come from abusive backgrounds and have endured unspeakable trauma. This is why we recently added a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) on staff and are actively looking to add another.

I love that our clients feel safe at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center,” shares Leanne Jamieson. “They feel safe, so they feel the freedom to share their hurts, which opens the door to healing.” This is what happened with a recent client named “Jenny.”

Jenny was abortion-minded when she first came to the center, having just left the father of her baby who was abusive. By God’s grace, Jenny chose life, but came to see us again because she was really struggling emotionally with the thought of being a single mom.

Thankfully, Jenny has been meeting with our LPC weekly to work through some past issues, and she’s taking steps towards healing so she can be emotionally healthy when her baby is born.

What I love about Jenny’s story is how our staff cared for her from the very start,” shares Leanne, “and this made her feel like we were a safe place to come back to. Today, God is using our LPC to bring his healing so that Jenny is the best mom she can be for her precious child.

Because of your generosity, we can offer our counseling services free of charge to many clients like Jenny. So thank you for your ongoing support, which God is using to bring His healing!

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