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Growing New Life—and New Life in Christ

“I’m not ready to be a mom.”

This is how a lot of young women feel when they’re faced with the reality of an unexpected pregnancy. Women like “Madison,” a mother who visited our Richardson clinic not long ago.

Madison walked through our doors with the father of the baby that day, both of them needing reassurance about the decision they’d made to terminate the life growing inside her.

“They were young and scared,” remembers the client advocate who met with them. “Scared to tell their parents, scared to make the wrong decision. All they knew for sure was that they weren’t ready to be parents. But is anyone ever really ready to be a mom or dad?”

Because of your support, a client advocate could be there for Madison and her boyfriend and could provide for them life-giving solutions. The client advocate made sure they understood what having an abortion would entail, and she explained the difference between a chemical and medical elimination of the pregnancy. She also shared with them about adoption and the immeasurable gift of that option to families who can’t conceive. It was at that point that the Holy Spirit took over the conversation.

“I asked Madison about her faith, and she said she grew up going to church,” the client advocate shares. “It was clear that Madison believed her salvation depended on her earthly works, so I shared the gospel with her and explained how God wanted to have a relationship with her. Madison seemed receptive, so I invited her to pray to accept Christ—and she did!”

When she and her boyfriend came back a week later for their ultrasound, they saw their growing baby and joyfully announced that they had decided to parent!

Madison left the center that day with confirmation of new life growing inside her—and a newfound faith growing in her heart.

When you give to Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, God does more through your support than simply grow a ministry. He uses you to grow new life. And He uses you to plant seeds of new spiritual life as mothers like Madison are given the opportunity to start growing in Christ.

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