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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.

Do you regret taking the abortion pill?

It is possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill but you need to call right away. Speak with a medical professional at 972.333.6727 to discuss your options.

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. Many women feel like taking the abortion pill is their only option. After taking the first abortion pill, some women regret their decision to have an abortion. If you or someone you know has taken the first abortion pill and regret it, it is possible to reverse the process. There is a safe and effective process called Abortion Pill Reversal that can save the baby’s life.

We offer Abortion Pill Reversal for women who have changed their mind after taking the abortion pill at no cost. This protocol is most effective within 72 hours of taking the first abortion pill.

If you or someone you know has questions or would like to discuss the Abortion Pill Reversal, please call right away 972.333.6727 to talk to a nurse. If you receive a voicemail when you call, please leave a message and a nurse will call you back right away.


Call our number at 972.333.6727 to speak to a nurse. The nurse will ask you a few questions and then want you to come in as soon as possible to start the process and discuss next steps.

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Research shows that the abortion pill reversal process has about a 64% success rate. If you decide to not take the second abortion pill, the pregnancy may continue on its own. However, taking the abortion pill reversal medication will increase the chances of saving the pregnancy.

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We are here to help you discuss all of your options as well as provide support. We have a Family Resource Center that can help provide the essentials you need for your baby. In addition, we offer classes such as budgeting, breastfeeding, and parenting classes. We also offer free counseling sessions with our licensed professional counselors on our staff.

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It is important that you take your time to gather accurate information regarding all of your options and speak to a medical professional. Call 972.333.6727 to speak directly to a nurse.

Questions to ask:

  1. Am I ready to be a parent?
  2. Am I willing to consider other options such as adoption?
  3. What would it mean for my future if I have a child now?
  4. Is anyone pressuring me to have or not have an abortion?
  5. Would having an abortion change my life in a way I do or do not want?
  6. What is my support system?
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The choice is yours and it is okay to change your mind. Even if you already taken the first abortion pill, you still have options and the reversal process is possible. Call right away to speak to a nurse at 972.333.6727

At our clinic, the abortion pill reversal is free of charge. Call 972.333.6727 to speak to a nurse and set up an appointment.

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