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You Are Pregnant…And Telling Others is the LAST Thing You Want to Do

You just found out you are pregnant. It is not what you wanted or expected. You are still reeling from the news and now you need to tell others. And it is causing you great anxiety.

The closeness of the relationship will provide direction on how you share the news and how much information you disclose. You will also want to consider how supportive they will be, their anticipated reaction, and the levels of emotion that will accompany the conversation. By mentally preparing, you can better prepare for how the conversation may go.


  • Is this the best time to break the news? Timing matters. You need to figure out if they are calm and not distracted. Do they have time to talk or are they rushing to leave to go somewhere? You need their undivided attention, so make sure that when you approach them it is at a time where they can give it.
  • Am I feeling calm?
  • How do I think they will react? Although you really do not know until you share your news, thinking through the possible scenarios will help prepare you. Remember, our invented conversations in our heads are often worse than reality.
  • Am I feeling prepared if it’s not a positive response?

Formulate a plan:

  • You get to decide when it’s right to share you are pregnant and how much information you wish to give.
  • You can set boundaries. You do not have to answer all their questions and can end the conversation if you feel uncomfortable.
  • If the conversation takes a negative turn, it is okay to share how you are feeling and that you want to regroup and discuss at a later date and time when everyone has been able to process the news.

At Prestonwood Pregnancy Center we can help you prepare and navigate these conversations. We can refer you to licensed professional counselors that can help you as well. Please reach out to us for help…our care is centered on you! You can book a free, confidential appointment online here.

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