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The Baby Moses Project

If there is a time you feel you are unable to care for your baby due to a lack of resources and/or a lack of support, where can you turn?

In the state of Texas, the Baby Moses Project exists to provide safe shelter to babies 60 days old or younger. If you feel that you are unable to care for your baby and are considering abandoning him or her, you can take your baby to any hospital, fire rescue, or emergency medical technician.

If you have decided to leave your baby at one of these safe locations, please be sure to give your baby to a person. You may be asked to fill out a voluntary form that will review some of the child’s medical information that may include family history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, any other medical issues you feel may be important to note, as well as the age of the baby. This information will not be used to find you, the police will not be called, and you will not be prosecuted for abandonment or neglect if you have handed the baby to an employee at the safe baby site.

After your baby is given to an employee at the safe baby site, the baby is transported to the hospital where any medical needs will be tended to. The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory services will take custody of the baby who may be placed with a family. If you are facing a crisis and are considering abandoning your child, please consider taking your baby to a safe baby site. If you have any additional questions concerning the Baby Moses Project, you may contact them at 1-877-904-7283.

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