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The abortion reversal pill is a rescue mission

According to Planned Parenthood, “medication abortion-also called the abortion pill-is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy.” And recent data from the Guttmacher Institute shows that the abortion pill is now responsible for more than half of all U.S. deaths by abortion.

With this “safe and effective” method to perform an abortion now mainstream, how are we as followers of Christ and defenders of life to respond?

What can we do to protect the innocent as we face a new front line in the battle for life? It starts with knowledge-based and truth-informed prayer.

This is why we recently sat down with Whitney Freeman, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center’s director of nursing, to talk about what medication abortion is, the effectiveness of the abortion reversal pill, and how we can support women who make the courageous choice to give their baby a second chance at life. We hope what Whitney shares will inform your prayers and encourage you to keep fighting for life!

Can you share what the abortion pill is?

The abortion pill actually involves two separate medications that a pregnant woman takes to end the life of her child. The first pill, called mifepristone, is taken at the abortion clinic and works to block progesterone from getting to the pregnancy so that it quits growing and essentially dies. The second pill, called misoprostol, is taken at home 24 to 48 hours later, and it causes the uterus to contract and expel its contents.

How does the abortion reversal pill work?

It helps if you think about progesterone trying to get through a keyhole to the uterus to provide for the pregnancy. What the first abortion pill does is cover that keyhole, but it doesn’t block it all the way. So the abortion reversal pill then floods the woman’s system with progesterone so that it counteracts the first abortion pill.

Does the abortion reversal pill work for someone who’s taken both pills?

Yes, but it can be less effective because progesterone won’t stop the uterine contractions. If a woman has taken the second abortion pill, that’s when our doctor has a very thorough conversation with her and determines the best course of treatment.

Abortion clinics tell our clients there’s no way to reverse the effects of the abortion pill and, if you try, it’s dangerous. How would you respond to this?

Yes, this is a very popular and untrue narrative, so a big part of our job is explaining that abortion reversal is possible and that it’s not dangerous for the baby. That being said, the sooner a woman comes in after taking the first or second abortion pill, the higher the likelihood for counteracting their effects.

Can you share how Prestonwood Pregnancy Center handles abortion reversal pill clients differently from other clients?

Abortion reversal pill cases are very complicated because there are so many emotions involved. In early pregnancy, hormones are raging and there’s an emotional rollercoaster. Things get more complex with an abortion pill case when you add the crazy highs and lows of “I don’t want my baby; wait a minute, I do want my baby.” And when the reversal doesn’t work, the woman can be heartbroken because of what she’s done.

Therefore, we try to incorporate the counseling piece of it as well so that we’re not just giving someone medicine to fix a mistake. We really have to get to the heart of why the woman took the abortion pill in the first place. This opens the door to sharing the Gospel.

The abortion reversal pill is the new front line in the battle for life. Can you share more about that?

Yes, I often tell people the abortion reversal pill is a rescue mission. Because whenever a woman takes that first abortion pill, we have to act fast. Our nurses and I often take calls in the middle of the night because we’re willing to do whatever it takes to save a baby’s life and minister to that momma. I almost feel like we’re medics on the field of battle.

What’s great about the abortion reversal pill is that it gives a woman who’s taken the first abortion pill a second chance. It gives her the opportunity to change her mind and save her baby’s life. It’s such an amazing picture of our God being a God of second chances.

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center is one of two pregnancy centers in Dallas/Ft. Worth that offers abortion reversal pills-thanks to friends like you. Through your support, you’re providing abortion reversal pills free of charge to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. And lives are being saved, both now and for eternity.

I went to Colorado to take the abortion pill, and I instantly regretted it. I didn’t even want to take the pill when the nurse handed it to me. I’m so grateful for the care I received at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center today. I’m currently taking the abortion reversal pill, and my baby is doing well. Please pray for a continued healthy pregnancy!” —Prestonwood Pregnancy Center client

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