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It’s Been Ten Years Since My Last Baby

You’ve probably been a mom for a while now and you thought you were done having babies a long time ago. You might’ve even thought that up until this point, you couldn’t get pregnant anymore. But you’ve been feeling “off” lately. Maybe you’ve been extremely tired, having some lower back pain, and have the frequent urge to pee. “Am I getting THAT old already?” you think to yourself. But then it seems all too familiar… you’ve had these symptoms when you were pregnant… ten years ago.

You start to think about when your last period was and you honestly can’t remember because you’ve been so busy making sure there is food on the dinner table and working to be able to afford your kids’ extra-curricular activities or saving up to send your child off to college in just a few years.

The thought of adding a baby into the mix is stressing you out. It’s going to change your “normal” and you’re not sure how it will affect your career. You might even be afraid of how your children will react to the news. Often times, the fear of the unknown and the “what ifs” can overshadow some of the more positive things. Sometimes it’s so much easier to focus on the negative and taking the time to slow down and process with another person is all it takes to help see your situation a little differently and give you some new perspective.

We interviewed a friend who had her children ten years apart and here are some things she said about having a big age gap between her children:

  1. Your children are old enough to help you take care of a baby.
  2. Your children will learn how to be responsible in different way.
  3. You’ll be preparing your child for when they become a parent.
  4. Your baby will see your other children as other mother-figures/father-figures to look up to.
  5. You’ve raised a baby before…who says you can’t do it again?
  6. There are so many more resources for new moms now than there were when you last had a baby!
  7. You have another reason to challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unsure, we are here to help you process. You can set up a free appointment through our live chat or by calling us at 972-386-4015 for a free pregnancy test and sonogram, as well as time to process how you are feeling.

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