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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.


Pray for a changed heart

Sent: Apr 18 2024

Hello friends. We just had a client tell us she has gone to Virginia to terminate. Please pray for God to change her mind and that she would continue with her pregnancy.

Pray for a changed heart

Sent: Apr 18 2024

We just had a client go to Colorado yesterday and took the first abortion pill. Pray she does not take the second round and decides on life and takes the abortion reversal pill!!


Sent: Apr 18 2024

We just had another abortion-minded mom who has decided to parent! Praise God! Please pray she continues to feel supported and for her and the father's relationship.

Pray for a changed mind

Sent: Apr 16 2024

We have a client coming in today with an abortion scheduled tomorrow in CO. She wanted to confirm pregnancy before leaving this evening. Please pray this is the Lord's plan to intervene with her decision and to change her heart!

Prayers needed

Sent: Apr 16 2024

We have a woman who is a victim of rape and 17 weeks pregnant coming into our center today. Please pray for her strength and healing as she navigates this difficult time

Abortion Pill Reversal

Sent: Apr 15 2024

We have an abortion pill reversal client coming in today. Please pray her medication works to save her baby!

Prayers needed

Sent: Apr 12 2024

We have had three mothers confirm miscarriages in our offices today. Please pray for their healing as they grieve this unexpected loss.

Abortion Pill Reversal Success!

Sent: Apr 11 2024

Great news! One of our clients who had an abortion pill reversal just gave birth to her baby boy yesterday. Praise God for the success of her reversal medication and for her changed heart!

Prayers needed

Sent: Apr 10 2024

Hello friends. We have a young mother who has parents in the middle east who do not have the resources to move here at the time. Please pray for her peace and their safety as she navigates becoming a mother without the physical support of her family.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Sent: Apr 09 2024

We had a mom change her mind after taking an abortion pill. She took the reversal pill and everything is looking good so far. This first week is critical so please continue to pray this baby survives! Praise God for abortion reversals!

Pray for a home

Sent: Apr 08 2024

We have a 19 year old mama and her little baby that need housing. Please pray for safety and open housing options for them!

Praise for the Post-Roe Generation

Sent: Apr 08 2024

This weekend, we had a young group of girls come and volunteer. We are so glad anytime we see this next generation step forward to fight for life! We pray these girls never lose their passion for serving and for life.

Prayers needed

Sent: Apr 05 2024

We have a client coming in today for pregnancy retesting. She is a victim of rape and has tested negative previously. Please keep her in your prayers today as she navigates this painful situation.


Sent: Apr 04 2024

We have a young mother who, despite pressure from her family to abort and the father of her baby being unsupportive, has chosen LIFE! She is in the process of deciding if she will parent herself or place her baby up for adoption. Please pray that she makes the best decision for herself and her baby.

Babies that need your prayers!

Sent: Apr 02 2024

Hi friends! We have 4 abortion-minded women coming in today during after hours. Please pray for God to work in their hearts and help them chose life!

Happy Easter Monday

Sent: Apr 01 2024

Hello friends! We hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Every day at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, we get to witness Easter miracles. There are 37 abortion-minded women scheduled for our clinics today. Pray for our staff and volunteers as they encourage these women to choose life.

NICU mom needs prayers

Sent: Mar 28 2024

Please pray for a formerly abortion-minded mother as she recently had her child premature. They had a difficult delivery, with mom having several procedures afterwards and baby will be staying in the NICU for the time being. Please pray for healing and peace for this family during this time.

Strollers for moms!

Sent: Mar 28 2024

Good news to share! Today we were able to give 55 new moms free strollers due to generous donations. We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for helping put on this event. Our families were so appreciative for this wonderful gift!

Pray for this week!

Sent: Mar 25 2024

Happy Monday! We have 30 abortion-minded women coming into our clinics today. Please pray for our staff and volunteers to move hearts and empower these women to choose life!

Double Praise!

Sent: Mar 21 2024

Back in February, we asked for prayers for a young mother and her baby born at 25 weeks. Baby boy was born in November at 1.9 lbs and recently came home from the NICU. The family came by the FRC and we found out she had twins! Double praise as both baby boys are healthy and at home with their family!

New Classes for our Moms!

Sent: Mar 19 2024

One of the wonderful instructors that serves our Spanish-speaking clients will begin teaching four new classes for expectant mothers! These include Formula Safety, a two-part Getting Baby to Sleep class, and Postpartum Depression. We are grateful to be able to offer these services to our clients and look forward to seeing how these classes positively impact their lives. Please pray for our instructors as they help prepare our clients for parenthood.

Please Pray!

Sent: Mar 18 2024

One of the clients on our schedule for today is a single mom of three who is contemplating the options for her pregnancy. She does not believe the father of this baby will be supportive and feel that she would have to raise the baby without his help. Pray for the volunteers and staff that serve this client today. Let them offer loving, compassionate support, and give her the knowledge that she is not alone in this situation. Please pray that this client would find the strength and courage to choose life for her little one.


Sent: Mar 15 2024

One of our recent clients came into our center considering abortion due to overwhelming circumstances. Earlier this week she informed one of our staff members that she chose life for her precious child! When asked what changed her mind, the client shared that “hearing the heartbeat made it hard to say no. I just got really emotional and couldn’t imagine not going through (with the pregnancy).” Praise God for the ultrasound technology that allows us to show our clients their little ones! Thank you for your continued support of this ministry so that we may serve clients like this!

Prayers for today

Sent: Mar 14 2024

There are 24 women coming into our clinics today who have indicated to staff they are considering abortion. Please join us in prayer for our volunteers and staff, that they may encourage these women to choose life for the little ones in their wombs.


Sent: Mar 13 2024

A client and the father of her baby came into the center yesterday for an ultrasound appointment. This couple had an abortion appointment scheduled for today, but after seeing their precious baby during the ultrasound, they cancelled their abortion appointment and scheduled another ultrasound with us! Praise God for bringing this couple to our center! Having spoken with multiple abortion clinics in the past, the couple expressed that this was the first place they talked to where they had felt truly cared for. Please continue to pray for this couple as they are still considering abortion. Pray that the Lord would continue to work in their hearts and lead them to choose life!

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