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New Year’s Resolution: Get the Sonogram

It’s a new year! It’s supposed to be a time for new beginnings and new resolutions. But an unplanned pregnancy is NOT what you had in mind.

You might be thinking if you wait long enough, maybe it will all go away. Your period will come eventually, right? This can’t be happening. Not now.

It’s okay to be afraid of the unknown. First, you deserve real answers. Make the commitment to yourself to find out what’s really going on by getting a sonogram.

But I’m considering an abortion. Why should I get a sonogram?

A sonogram, or ultrasound, is an important step to understanding your pregnancy and abortion questions. Ultrasounds allow you to be fully informed, and it’s important that you’re fully informed before making any decision.

Before scheduling an abortion, you need to know:

  • How far along you are in your pregnancy. This will determine the type of abortion procedure that could be used to end your pregnancy.
  • If the pregnancy is viable – or not. Miscarriage is extremely common during the first trimester, and it causes the pregnancy to end on its own. Some women don’t know they’ve had a miscarriage until it’s seen during an ultrasound. If you’ve miscarried, you’ll need to receive follow-up care from a doctor.

An ultrasound provides you necessary information that allows you to make the best choice for you.

To help provide answers to these common questions, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center offers FREE lab-grade, urine pregnancy tests and sonograms. You can book an appointment here.

But is it safe? And does it hurt?

Ultrasound imaging is a safe and painless procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves or echoes instead of radiation to safely create images of the inside of the body.

Although a pregnancy test is the first indication that you’re pregnant, it’s not a medical diagnosis for pregnancy. It does not tell you how far along you might be or if the pregnancy is developing as expected. Having an ultrasound, performed by trained medical staff, and reviewed by a doctor, is essential to your health and will aid you in determining next steps for your pregnancy.

That’s why each sonogram at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center serves to:

  • Detect fetal heartbeat
  • Determine approximate due date
  • Determine the number of fetuses
  • Determine the location of pregnancy (intrauterine v. ectopic)
  • Advise immediate medical attention at an emergency room, if indicated

The center is a safe and confidential medical clinic that provides free resources to help you navigate your pregnancy and the decisions that lay ahead.

Call us today or book an appointment now.

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