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Joshua shares how you’re empowering new dads like him to step into parenthood with confidence

When his fiancée Shatalina broke the news, Joshua felt totally blindsided. He knew he loved Shatalina, but as a young man in his twenties, he didn’t know if he could handle being a dad…

Fast-forward one year, Joshua proudly holds his new son Koda with a confident smile on his face.

What was it that empowered Joshua to move from that place of deep uncertainty and fear to embracing his role as a father? What was it that made all the difference to this new dad?

Friends like you!

Yes, thanks to your partnership, Joshua and Shatalina felt right at home at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center from the very first moment they walked through the door. Like so many other young couples, Joshua was surprised to discover how much support was offered—not just for Shatalina, but for him too.

Looking back, Joshua can see how Prestonwood Pregnancy Center strengthened and equipped him and Shatalina to step into parenthood with courage and confidence.

“I believe that Prestonwood played a big role in our relationship,” Joshua begins.

“I knew we could lean on each other, but having a bigger resource was the main thing we needed. When you have that big support system that treats you like family, you know that you’re not alone in your situation. Prestonwood Pregnancy Center really made me feel comfortable, knowing that I wasn’t going through it alone.

“If I could say anything to the Center’s donors, it’s that they play a big role because people come in here a lot of times thinking that they’re alone. Donors should know that what they’re doing is a huge thing for a lot of parents!”

Thank you for your support that makes it possible to equip and empower young dads like Joshua, so that families can flourish and thrive!

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