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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions to anyone.

Classes and Rewards

Rewards Program

For every in-person class that you attend, you will earn $15 credit. For every online class, you will earn $5 credit.
If you want to earn double the rewards for a class, have another adult attend the class with you! You may only have one guest to earn double rewards and you must include their information in your registration. If you have already attended a specific class before, you will only receive rewards for the first time you attend. To redeem your rewards at the Presonwood Family Resource Center, you can walk in or make an appointment by emailing or calling 972-428-4717.

Additional Information

Please keep in mind that to respect your time, classes will start promptly at the time they are scheduled. Late arrivals (more than 15 minutes late) will not receive credit for attending.

What’s In Your Hospital Bag? Southwest

South 7988 West Virginia Drive, Suite 100, Dallas

Packing last minute can be so stressful! Come join me in learning what to pack in your hospital bag and what to leave at home! During this class we will also be talking about how to schedule a tour of the hospital you’re going to, how to pre-register online for your delivery, and where to find paperwork that you will need to fill out before you go to the hospital. Can’t wait to see you in class!  

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