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Choosing Life

‘She thanked us for giving them sight when they had none’

Consolata walked into our Southwest Dallas center a little over two years ago feeling overwhelmed and unsure. She and her husband already had a 2-year-old and 3-month-old at home, and they didn’t think they had the capacity to care for another child. Abortion seemed to be their only choice.

Consolata met with Connie, one of the center’s volunteers, who shared with her about the risks of abortion, and Consolata began to cry. Connie shared God’s love with Consolata and assured her of His presence and compassion.

During her ultrasound, Consolata told the nurse that she intended to parent her baby! Thanks to the encouragement of our wonderful staff and the Holy Spirit’s work in her heart, Consolata left the center that day emboldened in her faith and confident in her decision to choose life!

Last month, Consolata came back to our Southwest Dallas center to thank Connie for being there for her. As Connie shares, “We prayed together and praised God for giving Consolata and her husband the strength to choose life. She thanked us for giving them sight when they had none.”

Through your support and prayers, you’re helping thousands of women across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex choose life every year. YOU are giving them the sight to see their baby as a possibility and not a problem to be solved. Thank you!

Do you speak spanish & have a heart to serve? If so, please let us know! Call 972.428.4700 or email us at, and we’ll let you know how you can help our Spanish-speaking clients choose life.

*The Guttmacher Institute | **U.S. Census Bureau

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