How To Tell the Father of Your Baby You're Pregnant -- Part One

November 17, 2017

1) Breathe
You just discovered you are pregnant. It is normal to go through a rollercoaster ride of emotion. You may be excited, fearful, surprised, anxious, angry…

Before you share the news with the father of your baby, give yourself time for introspection and to explore how you are feeling.

2) Plan
Take the time to plan what you are going to say.

If the news you are pregnant will be good news for your boyfriend, it certainly will make it easier to tell him. You can plan a fun way to surprise him with the news.

However, if this pregnancy was unplanned, you may be apprehensive about his possible reaction. This is understandable and even expected. It is always best to go into what could be a difficult conversation with a plan.

First, take the time to reflect on your goals for your discussion. Before you ask your boyfriend for his support, try to think specifically about what you are hoping/expecting from him. The problem with asking for support is that it can mean different things to different people.

Are you wanting:

  • Emotional support: your boyfriend to walk through this with you?
  • Financial support: the promise of monetary assistance to raise your baby?
  • Practical support: help with day-to-day care of your baby?

After you understand your goals, then take the time to plan what you will say as this will build your confidence.

Choosing the right words can make all the difference. Eliminate any negative phrases such as “bad news” or “don’t be upset” from your discussion. Use pronouns such as “we” and “us” rather than “I” or “me”.

Finally, just be honest and straightforward. Do not expect him to read your mind. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Part 2 available here.

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